Time to go back

Well, here I am ready to go back to the good times of my teenage years, when I learnt digital electronics, microprocessors and took the first steps into computing. What sparked the desire to revive the glory of the past was a series of events that culminated with the launch of the ZX Spectrum Next on Kickstarter. As I am writing this, the project has already achieved as much as twice the inicial goal of £250,000, with still 7 days to go.

A vibrant community got together in the Next Facebook group, which has motivated me to study Z80 programming and even learn the novelties, to me at least, of FPGA programming. And as I started to read some old books I also decided to start this blog, as a way to take notes to myself and share them to anyone who is in the same process of going back to this wonderful retro computing world. This blog has also been inspired by the initiative of Paul Land with his Speccy Virgins site, which I recommend anyone to take a look, and the personal blog of Steve Hill, who has also started to learn Z80 assembly on a Mac.

My first personal computer was a TK-90X, a ZX Spectrum clone available in Brazil in the 80’s. But before that I had learnt BASIC programming in a CP500, a brazilian TRS-80 clone. After a period playing games and typing listings from magazines, especially from INPUT, I moved on to an MSX computer. In the early 90’s, I went to college to study computer science and got onboard the IBM PC wagon, leaving behind several years of awe and pleasure as I discovered the wonders of those 8-bit machines, especially the Spectrum.

Thus, with lots of ideas in my head and joy to revive those times, I now begin this journey back to the 8-bit worlds and hope you may join me along the way, so we may help each other in rediscovering the past and, who knows, in pushing it forward. Cheers!